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About This Survey

We believe there are many schools and districts across the state who agree that those closest to student - educators, families, community members and even students themselves - should play an important role in determining how our schools operate.


To date, however, there has been no organized, statewide movement to connect and support these "empowered district schools" and "empowering districts".


We believe there is power and potential in identifying and connecting these school and district communities to learn, grow and advocate together. 

Through this survey, we hope to identify both existing and aspiring empowered district schools and empowering districts across the state of California.


We will use the data from this survey to:

  • Learn more about your school/district and what it needs to engage in the important work of school-site empowerment

  • Begin to build a powerful network of school communities and district leaders dedicated with a shared vision of improving student outcomes through a shared strategy of empowering our school sites

  • Inform future programs, initiatives, and funding opportunities offered by the cc4eds and our partner organizations

The individual information gathered through this survey will be kept confidential and secured for cc4eds purposes only. We may, however, use the data to:

  • Follow up with you and your team so that we can explore and grow our partnership

  • Share trends and themes related to the current state and needs of the schools and districts participating in the survey in order to increase awareness about our coalition and advocate for the needs of schools and districts pursuing this theory of action

Who Should Take This Survey

Because empowered district schools and empowering districts are very diverse, there may be a range of personnel who could best answer this survey, including:

  • Principals

  • District leaders

  • Teacher/ Teacher Leaders,

  • Instructional coaches

  • Parent/ family leaders

  • School Board Members 


It is acceptable to have multiple participants from a given school or district take the survey. Participants are encouraged to share the survey with others. 

This survey should take you approximately 10 minutes to complete.

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