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Who We Are

We are a diverse coalition of educators, advocates, labor partners, researchers, policy makers, nonprofits, public schools, and districts from across the state of California.

Who We Serve

We support the growth and success of empowered district school communities and school systems that serve our most vulnerable students. 


Our Values

Student Centered

We believe, first and foremost, in California's students. The goal of our work is to design and support schools and systems that better meet the needs of our students.


Community Power


We believe that those closest to students - educators, families, community members and even students themselves - should play an important role in determining how our schools operate.



We recognize that our systems, as they are currently constructed, are not designed to serve students of color and/or students whose families are living in poverty. We believe the current pace of change is unacceptable and that our most vulnerable students must be the center and focus of our collective work. 

Equitable distribution of resources is needed to achieve excellent and holistic student outcomes. We believe empowering community members and the schools/networks that serve them to make critical decisions and control key resources is a powerful equity-based strategy we must pursue in our school systems.




We believe in the power, potential, and partnership of school districts, school sites, labor unions, and community. By centering students and working to form genuine partnerships, we believe we can bring diverse stakeholders, often at odds with each other, together in a broad coalition focused on student success.


Continuous Learning


We believe in ongoing learning and collaborative inquiry. As we learn together, we will use evidence and research to drive our decision-making.

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